Imatrix101 Conducts Training Workshop for The Aberdeen Womens Center: Soap Making for Business Development

Corporate Social Responsibility

Once again going above and beyond expectations, shipping and logistics company, iMatrix Group, organized a training workshop at the Aberdeen Women’s Center, to empower women by teaching them not only a trade skillset, but the business sense needed to operate efficiently.

Fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility iMatrix101 met with teenage mothers and young pregnant girls and taught them how to make their own soap with materials found at local markets. Christine Sesay, from Africa’s Moneypreneur, taught the young women that investors are always happy when they know the money they invest into a project is being put to good use, so she educated all those in attendance that the goal is not only to learn how to make soap at an affordable price, but how to properly process it, sell it, save and invest the profits from the venture for future projects.

Ajara Bomah, Marketing and Media Manager for Elixir Marketing & Media, the communication and media unit of the iMatrix101 Group, informed all the girls that although they are already parents at a young age, all is not lost. They still have all the time in the world to get educated, get out and empower themselves. She assured them all that iMatrix101 will continue to engage them with similar programs and workshops in the future and then questioned all the ladies on what other activities they would like to witness in order to educate and better themselves.

Imatrix CSR
Imatrix CSR
Imatrix CSR

While receiving feedback from the girls attending the workshop, many of the teenage mothers complained that because of their pregnancies they had to suspend their various academic pursuits, due to either physical strain or lack of resources. Ms. Bomah surprised them all by informing them that one of the iMatrix101 partners, Educaid, was willing to help those still trying to pursue their education and was willing to assist students to attend classes, free of charge.

Ms. Bomah ended by urging all the young ladies to take advantage of not only the opportunity presented through the training workshop, but all opportunities presented to them. “Because here at iMatrix101,” she ended, “we believe in Investing in Dreams!”

a statement from her office at 14 Lower Waterloo St, iMatrix101 Group Managing Director Miatta D. Efe-Oghene shared that this was one of many initiatives of the iMatrix101 Group. “The vision I have is to empower young women in this country with more than training but also the platform to showcase their talents on a national and international level. iMatrix101 will not only continue to perform our corporate social responsibility and excellent services, but we will develop the youth and women of Sierra Leone because we know for everyone we help, they will be able to help another. ” She said that’s why the mantra of the iMatrix101 Group is “Changing Lives”, because one life can change another.