Frequently Asked Questions

These vary depending on cargo and liner. However, the average for a 20ft is $350 and 40ft is $715 (these include a refundable deposit of $200 and $400 respectively)

Duty free clients may experience some delays with documentation in the relevant Ministries, depending on how busy they are. Documents should be scanned and forwarded when the BOL is raised before the vessel departs. Documents required are: BOL/AWB, Invoice and packing list. Dutiable cargo can be cleared in 72hrs.

These are unique to each client, however, in Sierra Leone a 1% destination inspection fee is charged on all goods above $2,000.

Please click here to request a quote. We aim to respond to enquiries within 48 hours.

These may vary anywhere between 5-20%

Income tax (3%), NEC (0.5%), GST (15%). Please note, we pre-finance all other import/export fees except duties and taxes.